Food & Alcohol Curbside Pickup

Beer, Wine & Cocktails


Premium Bottled Beer

  • Corona, Corona Light,
  • Sol, Tecate (can),
  • Modelo Especial, Heineken,
  • Stella Artois,
  • Negra Modelo, Pacifico,
  • Estrella Jalisco -

Domestic Bottled Beer

  • Bud Light
  • Budweiser
  • Miller Lite
  • Coors Light
  • Michelob Ultra

Craft Beer & Cider

  • Bottle or Can:
  • Ale Smith 394 Pale Ale (SD)
  • Coronado Brewing Orange Ave. Wit (SD)
  • Modern Times Black House Stout (SD)
  • Anthem Apple Cider (CA)


Michelada Flight

3 Michelada Flavors: Chamango, Pineapple Chipotle, Original. Served with your choice of bottled beer *no modifications to flavors*


Your choice of beer with Clamato, Lime juice and a Tajin rim. Add .95 to any beer of your choice!


Tequila, Squirt soda, Grapefruit juice & salted rim

Pina Colada

Caribean Rum blended Pina Colada


Refreshing Blend of red wine &real fruit, plus a few special Coyote ingredients

El Burro

Tequila, Ginger beer, Bitters

Mayan Mule

Mezcal, Ginger beer, Huana Honey & Lemon Liqueur


Vino de la Casa

  • 2019 Rancho Coyote Brut Rose
  • 2019 Rancho Coyote Rose
  • 2019 Rancho Coyote Noir Blanc White
  • 2018 Rancho Coyote Pinot Noir

From our Vineyard in the Russian River Valley, Sonoma California

Sangria Flight

Pinot Noir, Blanc Noir and Rose from Rancho Coyote Vineyard in Sonoma, CA!

Vino Blanco

  • 2019 Rancho Coyote Noir Blanc (Sonoma, CA)
  • Fallbrook Winery Sauvignon Blanc
  • Thomas George Chardonnay (Sonoma, CA)

Vino Rojo

  • 2018 Rancho Coyote Pinot Noir (Sonoma, CA)
  • 2019 Rancho Coyote Pinot Noir (Sonoma, CA)
  • Fallbrook Winery Merlot
  • B.V. Cabernet Sauvignon

Vino Rose

  • Rancho Coyote Rose

Vino Sparkling

  • 2019 Rancho Coyote Brut Rose
  • Sparkling J. Roget

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