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Traditional Mexican Food In the Heart of Old Town San Diego

Cafe Coyote Management

Luis Estrada (Manager/Executive Chef)

Richard Goetz Luis left Chicago and landed in San Diego at Café Coyote in March of 1991. Luis worked through the ranks of Café Coyote and now leads the Coyote team with over 25 years of employment at Café Coyote. Luis, with his non-stop passion and care, continues leading the Coyote team in achieving award winning food.
Hobbies: Food, Running & Soccer

Christine (Manager)

Christine arrived in San Diego in 1983, and landed a server position at Café Coyote in July of 1997. Less then a year later, May of 1998, she was managing at Café Coyote. In 2001 she received her Bachelors in Business Administration. Christine brings over 25 years of Restaurant experience, along with creativity to the Coyote Table.
Hobbies: Water Sports, Soccer, Softball, Nutrition and Skin Care.

Debbie (Manager)

debbie Debbie was born in Guam and grew up on the Islands of Palaua. In Debbie’s early twenties she flew to the states where she traded her fresh fish and young coconut diet for a diet rich in red meat and chicken. Debbie joined the ranks at Café Coyote in March of 2003 as a hostess and quickly moved into an assistant manager position. Debbie brings over 20 years of Restaurant experience and genuine warmth to the Coyote Table.
Hobbies: Food (loves pancakes with peanut butter & Mexican Food) & kids.

Carolyn (Manager)

carolyn Carolyn, a native San Diegan, came to Café Coyote in December 2003. She began her Café Coyote adventure as a server. Two years later, in July of 2005, she joined Café Coyote’s management team. Carolyn brings over 30 years of Restaurant experience and resilience to the Coyote Table.
Hobbies: Gardening, Animals, and Arts & Crafts

Sandra (Manager)

Sandra Delgado Sandra was born in Mexico and raised in San Diego. She began working at Cafe Coyote as a hostess and made her way up to a Serving position. She is one of our newest members of our Management team. Hobbies: Spending time with her family & Reading novels.

Jorge (Manager)

Jorge Alvarez Jorge arrived in San Diego in 1991 and became a team member in the summer of 2006 as a cook. He was later offered the position of a Assistant Kitchen Manager due to his hardwork and dedication to Cafe Coyote. After a year and a half later, Jorge became a part of the Coyote Management team. He has been in the restaurant business for 22 years. Hobbies: Loves spending time with his kids, playing soccer and

Emily (Advertising)

emily Emily Roberts was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina and received her Journalism and Mass Communication Degree from the University of South Carolina. She came to San Diego in March 2004. Emily’s resume includes working for Aqua Blu Restaurant, SanDiegoRestaurants.com; Bertrand at Mister A’s and has recently become the newest addition to Café Coyote’s staff in December 2008. Emily completed the Ironman Oceanside in April, 2009.
Hobbies: Training & Dining Out

Lauren (Marketing)

LaurenLauren started her career with Café Coyote in 2005 as a hostess. Lauren worked for several years then headed to the University of Maine in 2008 for college. While in school, Lauren worked summers at Café Coyote helping in the Office. After completing school and obtaining a Communications degree, Lauren decided to come back and contribute to the Café Coyote team as the Marketing Manager. Lauren’s Hobbies include: Kayaking, Swimming and Wine Tasting.

Julie (Accounting)

JulieJulie joined Cafe Coyote in 1996 as a book keeper. She moved out of state in 2002 with her family. Julie has now returned to us in December 2014, bringing more experience and fresh ideas as our accounting and management team. Julie’s Hobbies include: Enjoy’s Scubadiving, cooking and enjoying the beautiful outdoors of San Diego.

Susana “Susy” (Marketing)

SusySusy became part of the Coyote Family in 2014 as a hostess, then worked her way up to a server position. Through her hardwork and determination, she earned an administrator position shortly after a year. Susana comes from a Mexican-American family who has shown her that through dedication and perseverance anything is possible. Apart from being the youngest of 3 siblings, she is also our youngest manager on the team. After studying graphic design for 5 years, she shines at Cafe Coyote as a Graphic Designer, Marketing Assistant and as the Director of Social Media. Susy’s Hobbies include: Playing competitive soccer, dancing, photography and soul searching.