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To all Coyote Patrons and Tequila Fanatics

November 12th, 2009

Greeting, Coyote patrons and tequila fanatics,

Tequila Thursdays are here to stay and I feel the interest and excitement of our guest building as the days go by. The staff at Café Coyote is more aware of what is happening in this great tequila industry and I get a sense that they want to be a part of its evolving growth. For the majority tequila consumer, this Mexican spirit has been a negative “party” memory that they have dreaded to regret with some poor quality tequilas and various “imitation” tequilas that once flooded the worlds markets. Some things remain the same and many things have changed in and industry that produces and average of 1000 brands (respectively). Discover the treasures of QUALITY tequila that remains a secret to many novices.

Here, at Café Coyote we have narrowed it down for you. We currently sell about 130 tequilas and sometimes even more. We provide you with a selection of tequilas from different distilleries, microclimates, “terroir,” and every style available. We are and open minded establishment that tailors to the demands of our guest. Feel free to ask our knowledgeable staff about you favorite tequila or simply let them recommend a nice one for you. You will not be disappointed!

Our tequila of the month is el Jimador  (The Harvester) 100 % agave. This tequila is produced by Casa Herradura, the one with the horse shoe on the bottle. Casa Herradura has been around since 1870 and is one of the leading and one of the oldest tequila firms in México. If you are ever in Amatitán, Jalisco, their Hacienda San José del Refugio will awe you. The “Tequila Express” (a train that you take from Guadalajara) will drop you off at the hacienda’s doorstep.

In the next coming week, some of our staff, and other industry professionals, will be going through a two-day tequilier (similar to sommelier) seminar. For the first time in the United States, the prestigious Academia Mexicana del Tequila (U.S.A) will conduct this course by it’s founder. Andrés Rodríguez- Reynoso, President and Master Tequilier of Mexico’s academy chapter will be teaching this seminar. Joseph Sánchez Vice President and Master Tequilier (U.S.A chapter), Marcos Ramos (Tequilier/ Catador) and myself will partake in the efforts to teach our students of tequila. If you are interested in participating in this great learning experience contact, Joseph Sanchez at or contact him via phone at 1(858) 356-7575.

We had a great turnout this Thursday with guest that asked to learn about our fine tequilas. They left Café Coyote with an unforgettable experience. I had customers wanting to purchase tequilas bottles on the spot. After they had their nice sipping tequilas, I directed them to “walk” down to my good friend Zee’s store, Old Town Liquor, which is only two blocks down the street from us. This gentleman has some of the finest tequila selection in the world. The fiesta never ends at  “Pueblo Viejo”.


Mario Márquez, Café Coyote’s Tequila Ambassador

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