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The Endless Summer

June 2, 2011

The Endless Summer


June is here and summer is just around the corner. It seems that summer never ends in America’s finest city. This endless summer calls for cold drinks in a casual and relaxing ambiance. The place to visit this hot summer is Café Coyote! The entire month of June is set aside to teach you about tequila Cazadores and our delicious and complex cocktails made with this legendary brand. Tequila Cazadores (the one with the deer on the label) is produced in Arandas, Jalisco.  Arandas is located in the southern part of Los Altos (The Highlands) of Jalisco, which is just 100 kilometers to the east of Guadalajara. Arandas is known for its rich, red and fertile soil. Some of the world’s best tequilas were born in this noble place.


This Thursday I will be making a, “Blood Orange Cream sickle Margarita.“ Join me at Café Coyote from 6-9p.m. to learn step by step the correct way to make it. Discover what a difference it makes to pour 100 percent agave tequila in some of your favorite cocktails and dare to taste new innovations with fresh ingredients.


Besides being Tequila Thursday, it is also Lobster Thursday.  Deep-fried Main Lobster, Puerto Nuevo style goes great with our weekly-featured cocktails. If you overstuff yourself with our generous portions of food, I can guide you to excellent tequila that will take care of that full belly feeling.  In many parts of Mexico it is a custom to sip on tequila after a meal. They call it,  “el desempanze,” in other words a great digestive.


See you soon!




Mario Marquez

World Class, Master Tequilier

Café Coyote, Old Town

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