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Tequila Thursday’s with Mario Marquez

October 30, 2009

Tequila aficionados and lovely coyote guest:

Tequila Thursdays has been a big success. I arrive at 4:00 P.M. and am available for individual or group tequila tasting. You will love learning about the past, present, and future of tequila and other spirits of Mexico.

I am so glad to have the opportunity to have met Tomas Estes of single estate vintage style tequila, Ocho this past week. The Academia Mexicana del Tequila, U.S.A chapter meet-up club that began at Café Coyote in mid 2009 had a great dialogue with Estes, Jacques Bezuidenhout (tequila Partida Mixologist) and Alfredo Gama  (Business Development Manager-Spirits, Wine Warehouse). We got to sample and talk about the above brands that also included tequila, Fortaleza and Don Julio.  I would like to thank the Riviera and everyone that was involved in organizing this Los Angeles event.

Halloween and el Dia Los Muertos (Mexico’s Day of the Dead) is almost here. Today until November 2nd we will have food and drink specials that include our famous blood orange margarita, authentic albondiga soup, turkey mole enchiladas, raspberry flan, and banana quesadilla. After your scary meal you can relax with a nice tequila flight that includes 3 half oz. servings of reposado (reposed) tequilas, all aged to perfection and all small batch tequilas from different micro growing regions. I recommend flight number 2, which includes tequila: Arette Unique, El Destilador, and Penacho Azteca. The flights are only 15 dollars each and you get to take home and educational sheet for your collection.

Salud !!!

Mario Marquez

Tequila Ambassador, Café Coyote and Cantina

Old Town, San Diego.

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