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Tequila Thursdays with Cazadores

January 28, 2010

Dear valued customers,

Thank you for your loyal support to our restaurant. In the time of economic crises you have stood by us and we value your repeat business. Twenty years have passed since we first opened our doors and we owe our growth to you.

I have been an employee of Café Coyote for 9 years and am fortunate to have a job that is unique and exciting. I am a Tequila Ambassador (similar to a sommelier). I want to invite you to join us for our spectacular Tequila Thursdays each week from 4:00 to 6:00p.m.   It is an experience like no other. Every week a different tequila brand is featured to give you a chance to learn about their diverse characteristics and production styles.

This Thursday we featured tequila Cazadores. This tequila brand is produced in Arandas, Jalisco. Arandas is famous for its rich red soil and home to many other quality tequila brands. As of today, tequila Cazadores is ranked the fifth highest selling tequila in the world. This is a high mark considering that it competes with over 1000 other tequila brands.

Tequila Cazadores has three presentations: blanco, reposado and añejo. It wasn’t until   about three years ago that this company created their first añejo tequila. Their añejo is aged for over one year in small American oak casks. This 100 percent agave tequila is best when served neat at room temperature.

This tequila goes through what they call the “Mozart effect”. During the fermentation process, music by Mozart is played to help achieve a relaxed and natural process. I have learned that the best tequilas require a natural fermentation. During this process one must wait patiently for the yeast to consume the sugars. This is when the sugars are converted into alcohol. Fermentation is the stage where various aromatic components are formed. Adding relaxed music to the process never hurts.

If you missed this Tequila Thursday we hope to see you on February 4th. We will feature a tequila that dates back to the 1930s, Don Julio. It was at the age of 17 when Don Julio González founded his first distillery. This tequila was one of the first to open up the premium tequila market. Discover what makes this tequila so good. I cannot promise you relaxing Mozart music; but I can guarantee you great tequila, excellent food, fine service and happy Mexican songs.


Mario Marquez

Tequila Ambassador, Café Coyote y Cantina

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