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HISTORY OF TEQUILA Tequila is becoming one of the fastest growing and most popular spirits in the world. Tequila can be sipped and enjoyed like a fine Scotch or Brandy. Tequila, named for the small town in Mexico from where it originated, is made from the Blue Agave Plant. One of the things that makes Tequila a unique spirit is the flavor of the Agave, which like wine grapes, will change under different soil or growing conditions. The fermented juice from the Agave Plant is put into pot stills, where it is double distilled to 80 proof or higher. Under strict standards set by Mexican Government, to be Tequila, the final product must be produced from no less than 51% high-quality Blue Agave.

The four basic categories of Tequila are:

TEQUILA BLANCO: White or Silver (plata) tequilas are clear and not influenced by the aging process.100% Agave Silver (plata) Tequilas retain the natural sweetness of the Agave often missing in aged spirits. A fine Silver Tequila is as versatile as Vodka. They are excellent for sipping, shooters & mixed drinks.

TEQUILA REPOSADO: Reposed (rested) tequilas are aged for a minimum of 2 months– 1 year in oak tanks or barrels. Flavorings and coloring agents are permissible. Reposado range in hues from very pale straw color to a deep gold and are excellent for sipping or in Margaritas.

AÑEJO TEQUILAS: Añejo (aged) tequilas are aged for at least 1 year in government sealed oak barrels. Aging Tequila transforms the youthful spirit into a mature and mellow one. Premium Añejos should be sipped so you can savor it’s aroma and flavor.


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