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Tequila Mission Trip

October 23, 2009

Dear Tequila Aficionados,

      The year 2010 will soon arrive and I feel that my Tequila Ambassador goals for 2009 have almost been met. Just in March, I received my (Catador) professional tequila taster certificate. This title was given to me by Anderés Rodriguez Reynoso, President of the prestigious, Academia Mexicana del Tequila A.C. The four day seminars in Mexico city’s, World Trade Center was an experience I will never forget. I was awed by the beauty and culture of Tenochtitlán (Mexico City). I am eager to return soon.

     September was quite unique. For the second year in a row I served on a panel of judges for the 6th annual Spirits of Mexico tasting competition, hosted by Dori Bryant of the internationally known Polished Palate. At this event I got to taste over 111 entries of Mexico’s finest spirits that included tequilas, mezcals, sotols, and infused tequilas. “Hay Caramba!, ” you don’t even know how hard it was to not consume over thousands of dollars of tequila. Remember to always drink responsibly!!!

     Most recently I returned from my annual tequila educational “mission”. This trip entitled visiting 4 tequila distilleries. Compañia Destiladora De Xamay, in the town of Jamay, Jalisco was the first one I visited. Their chemist, Antonio Vargas gave me a tour and showed me one of the few tequila diffusors in Mexico used to make tequila. This town is close to the southern tip of Lake Chapala. Some of the tequilas that are produce there are: Kapaz, double 55 and el Don.

     Tequila Siete Leguas in the town of Atotonilco El Alto has two distilleries,  El Centenario and La Vencedora. Siete Leguas has been around since 1952 and was the first distillery to produce tequila Patrón. Juan Fernando Gonzalez, Director of Siete Leguas gave me a personal tour of both of his distilleries and an in depth explanation of the process that goes into making his artisan tequila.

     Rancho Chapingo was the last one I toured. I met with Enrique Fonseca, one of the leading agave growers in all of Mexico and one of the leading producers of boutique style tequilas. Pura Sangre, Don Fulano, 3, 4,y 5, Lapis, and Asombroso are just a few that you might know.  Mr. Fonseca and his nephew, Sergio Mendoza, director of Tequila, Don Fulano showed me around their upcoming Rancho Chapingo. Never in my life had I ever seen so many blue agave on slopes and so many 200 liter aging barrels all within steps away. Be on the look out for the tequilas that will be coming out of this distillery.

The last tequilas that I just mentioned are produced in Tequila, Jalisco, at Fonseca’s, La Tequileña distillery. I will sure be back to Chapingo to see it up and running.

     Come on down this Thursday from 4:00m p.m-10:00p.m. to visit me and be immersed in tequila knowledge. I am excited to tell you all about my adventures down south. We just got the new Cuervo Tradicional silver tequila. It is uniquely earthy. Also, Lobster Thursday ends in the end of November. Come and savor our Baja California Norte lobster. It is only $ 24.95 on Thursday’s. It goes great with any silver tequila. See you soon. Salud!!!

Mario Márquez

Tequila Ambassador

Old Town, San Diego

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