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Traditional Mexican Food In the Heart of Old Town San Diego


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Monthly Special - Yucatan


The State of Sonora borders Arizona and is Mexico’s wild West. In some ways, it reflects the Old Mexico of the by-gone days. During the heyday of Westerns, films showed cowboys riding through the Grant Sonoran Desert from Arizona to what is now the State of Sonora in Mexico. Many John Wayne films were filmed here. Outdoor cooking was the rule rather than the exception and grilling was the favorite technique. Seafood is also part of the Sonoran cuisine due to the fact that there are over 800 varieties of maritime species in the Bay of San Carlos which stretches to the Sea of Cortez.

Salsa of the Month is HERMOSILLO VERDE! Spicy Jalapeño lime and garlic blended together. $1.00


Empanadas $6.95

Two fresh Masa Empanadas stuffed with ground shrimp and chile Guajillo w/ a spicy chile lime Jalapeno Salsa.


Summer Salad $9.95

Romaine Lettuce mixed with black olives, carrots, grapes, oranges and chopped Margarita chicken. Tossed in a Cilantro chile dressing


Costillas 11.95

Mexican style bbq pork ribs served with rice with and beans.

Pastré Sopapillas $4.95

June Drink Specials


Cabo Rita

Cabo Wabo Silver, French Orange Liqueur, Sweet-n Sour, Fresh Lime Juice and a splash of Cranberry Juice. $9.50


Kiwi Margarita

Gold Tequila, Sweet-N-Sour, Kiwi Flavor and a splash of Fresh Lime Juice. $8.95

Cabo Wabo Tequila Shots

Cabo Wabo Tequila Shots

Blanco $7.50
Reposada $9.00
Anejo $11.00
Uno $30.00
Make it a Margarita for $1!


Cinco De Mayo Tonight!!!

Getting ready to celebrate Cinco De Mayo? Cafe Coyote in Old Town, San Diego is the perfect place to celebrate Cinco De Mayo today and tonight.  Cafe Coyote will be serving traditional Mexican food made from authentic fresh ingredients prepared from regional recipes by Mexican chefs.

Cafe Coyote Taco PlateCelebrate with a famous Cafe Coyote Grande Margarita or other specialty cocktails. Did you know that Margaritas are the most popular beverage sold in bars nationwide, and that the Cinco De Mayo celebration in Old Town serves up more Tequila than anywhere else in the United States on this special day.

Cafe Coyote wants this to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience so plan ahead. There is plenty of free / paid parking around the State Park (click here to see a map of Old Town). You could also take the Trolley directly to Old Town (visit MTS for more details and ticket prices). There will also be plenty of cabs and pedi-cabs to help shuttle you around Old Town or provide a safe ride home.

Cafe Coyote will be celebrating Cinco De Mayo in true form: there will be excellent cuisine, refreshing cocktails, Mexican tortilla ladies making fresh tortillas, strolling Mariachi’s and sponsored giveaways all night long.

If you can’t make it tonight, join us any Tuesday for our Taco Tuesday celebration.

Grande Margarita