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New Margaritas at Café Coyote

June 17, 2010


The new margaritas have arrived just in time for summer!  Tequila aficionados, “De Fortitude” is here to stay. De Fortitude is one of the best margaritas you will ever taste. This margarita is made with Fortaleza blanco. Fortaleza is a hand crafted, artisan and stone milled 100% agave tequila produced by the one and only Guillermo Erickson Sauza. Guillermo is a fifth generation family member that has conserved his great, great grandfather’s traditional techniques to produce tequila like no other. De Fortitude Margarita is carefully balanced with Cointreau, sweet and sour and fresh limejuice. If you are tequila purest, try Fortaleza neat, at room temperature to appreciate its aromatic qualities and complex flavors.

Other new tasty margaritas on the menu are the Antiguo Gold and the Cabo-Rita. The Antiguo Gold Margarita is made with Antiguo añejo tequila that has been aged in American Oak for 1 year. This tequila is part of Casa Herradura and was originally exclusively crafted for friends and family of the Hacienda. We blend this exceptional tequila with French orange liqueur, sweet and sour, and a splash of fresh orange juice to combine a flavorful and refreshing drink.

The Cabo-Rita will captivate you with its Cabo Wabo 100 percent silver tequila. This tequila is produced in the Arnadas, Jalisco. Arandas is located in the romote highlands of Jalisco. Agaves grown in the highland are known for having high sugar brix levels. Its climate, rich red soil and altitude are perfect for agave cultivation. If you are ever in Los Altos de Jalisco, get your hands dirty, smell the earth and put a handful of red soil in your hands to experience nature’s richness.

Tasting Notes Tequila Paring

Fortaleza Blanco: Crystal clear with intense baked agave nose and buttery complexity. Its flavor parallels its aromatics but has an earthy and citrus balance with a sweet and smooth finish.

El Llano Reposado: Intense golden color, its 4-6 months resting in used bourbon barrels gives it a sweet and semi oaky aroma with traces of vanilla. It conserves a bold taste but finishes off sweet with lingering agave, mango, peach, and caramel.

Herrdura Añejo: Its bright copper highlight is the result of aging for two years in oak. It has a medium, agave resemblance with toasted oak and nutty aromatics with flavors of dried fruit, oak and creamy finish.

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World Cup 2010

We at Café Coyote are all howling for joy now that the World Cup has begun. There is no sporting event like the World Cup, as an estimated  40 billion viewers world-wide are sharing their cheers, holding their breath, and  even screaming  at their television sets in unison.

The World Cup, now in its 19th year (the first World Cup was hosted in 1930), is an expression of the world coming together.  Here at Café Coyote, we know all about people coming together: we see it every day. We see families, we see couples, and we see long-time friends gathering around our tables, enjoying our famous Mexican fair, listening to our live Mariachi music, and yes, having a few cocktails while enjoying sports on our numerous televisions screens.

We are getting into the World Cup spirit– opening early in the morning for the games — and we hope that you will come visit us as we come together to celebrate the world’s most popular tournament. This coming Thursday, 6/17, Team Mexico will be playing the 2006 tournament finalists and 9th ranked team in the world, France, for a group-deciding match!

You won’t want to miss the action as these two top teams go head-to-head.  As we have already seen in the tournament, namely from an upset-for-the-ages game between Spain and Switzerland, anything is possible on the world stage! Come join us for the game: we are looking forward to celebrating our Futbol fever with you!

Hasta Pronto!

Fiesta Old Town

Despite delays at the border, Café Coyote has been selected as the first restaurant in the United States to pour Pacifico on tap. Café Coyote is located in the historical district of Old Town in San Diego, California and has been family owned and operated for more than 21 years. Pacifico is the perfect drink for the cuisine of Café Coyote, which has been selected as the Best Mexican Restaurant in San Diego for four years–and the timing is perfect for the upcoming Cinco de Mayo celebration Fiesta Old Town from May 2nd – 5th. Why wait? We invite you to come in and try a complimentary glass of Pacifico draft during our pre Cinco De Mayo Taco Tuesday celebration on May 4th between 3:30pm until close — this offer is only for the first five people to tell the manager on duty the secret password: VivaMexico.

The Pacifico Brewery was established in 1900 by German settlers who created a pilsner style beer with a clean and hearty flavor from the choicest hops, barley, yeast and water from the springs of Mazatlan. Purchased by the Grupo Modelo in 1954, Pacifico has expanded to include seven state-of-the-art breweries throughout Mexico. The import of Pacifico to the United States has increased to more than 5 million cases annually — a testament to its popularity and compatibility with all types of food.

Celebrating its 21st anniversary, Café Coyote Old Town continues to be a landmark of the San Diego’s Historic Old Town Community and is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Relax and select from over “120” tequilas for your fresh frosty Margaritas prepared by our master bartenders. Watch Mexican Tortilla Ladies make fresh tortillas to accompany your meal the traditional way “a mano” (by hand). Listen to strolling Mariachi’s fill the flower scented air with festive Mexican music in our colorful outdoor courtyards. Splashing Fountains add to the atmosphere in the Esplanade framed by Spanish architecture with colorful Mexican murals and décor. Savor traditional Mexican food made from authentic fresh ingredients prepared from Regional Recipes by Mexican Chefs.

Café Coyote is also excited to launch its Taco Tuesday celebration calendar — giving you a preview of the upcoming gourmet tacos featured each week. Taco Tuesday showcases nine traditional and specialty tacos for $2 — a great bargain to enjoy with family, friends and colleagues. Café Coyote’s tequila ambassador, Mario Marquez (click here to read Mario’s latest blog post), also offers drink specials–including crowd favorites such as the Coyote Gold or Pineapple Chipotle Margaritas.

Click here to visit Taco Tuesday.