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St Patrick’s Day 2011

Saint Patrick’s Day 2011

Saint Patrick’s day was a blast! The restaurant was filled with green attire and happy faces. Customers had their nice cold and rich glasses of Guinness beer in hand and they kept them coming. Our Green, Shamrock and Leprechaun Margaritas were also enjoyed, along with our tasty green cilantro tortillas.

There were two tequilas that caught my eye when thinking about luck. Herradura, the tequila with the horseshoe picture on the bottle and Siete Leguas, the tequila that has a picture of a horse and a seven on the label. Both tequilas reminded me of traditional lucky symbols that are commonly recognized worldwide.

When people asked for me to recommend them a “good” tequila I found these two brands suitable for the occasion. These tequilas were served neat or in a Margarita. The Herradura margarita was called, De La Suerte (The Good Luck Margarita) while the margarita with Siete Leguas tequila was named, Los 7 duendes en Caballo (7 Leprechauns on a hors). If you were lucky enough to come out for this special day, I sure hope you had a great time at Café Coyote. I wish you the best luck for the rest of this year!

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