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Spring Break!!!

Spring Break, 2011

Spring is in the air! The weather is currently 85 degrees Fahrenheit and I wish I were at the beach. Now that I think about it, I really don’t want to sit in the hot traffic to get a parking spot. Neither do I want to get sun burnt. If I weren’t working already I would come to Café Coyote on my day off and find easy parking in their lower garage. This place is as cool as a tequila cellar. Next, I would walk upstairs and order me a nice cold 100 percent agave margarita. Forget about the sweet and sour. I am on a diet and would ask for a skinny margarita with freshly squeezed limejuice, tequila and agave nectar. Sake it on ice for a well balance cocktail.

This is just a starter. All I had for lunch today was a cup of soup and I am starving. The rich Chipotle Camarones sounds scrumptious! The homemade flour tortillas are just right for this dish. I know what you’re thinking; this guy said that he was on a diet. Yes, but I think it is time to reward myself and get me something nice. After all, I don’t eat this everyday. Tonight I splurge!  I think I also deserve a frosty beer. My choice of cerveza is Victoria. It was only available in Mexico in the past and we just got it into the United States. It is well balance and packed with flavor!

I won’t be able to drink the margarita and beer tonight because I will be working our weekly Tequila. Come down and drink one for me. I will be on site from 4-9p.m. to guide you through our drink menu. If it cools down tonight I suggest nice tequila served neat to help you relax and get ready for this coming spring break.


Mario Marquez

Café Coyote

Tequila Ambassador

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