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New Year’s Eve at Cafe Coyote

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year Coyote patrons,

2010 is here and there are over 400 tequilas that are on my list to sample this brand new year. Last night we finished off 2009 with our New Year’s Eve, four- course tequila pairing dinner. The spotlight was on three tequilas: Herradura blanco, Fortaleza reposado, and Corralejo añejo.

What is unique about these tequilas is their diversity. Herradura blanco is actually a silver tequila that has been aged for 45 days in white oak barrels, hence its light yellowish color that is influenced by the cask. Tequila Herradura is from the town of Amatitán, Jalisco. This company has produced quality tequila since the year 1870.

Fortaleza is an artisan product from beginning to finish. This rustic brand from Tequila, Jalisco takes you back to more than 130 years in tequila production. Guillermo Erickson Sauza, a fifth generation family member decided to restore one of the first authentic Sauza family distilleries that was closed down and turn into a tourist museum for over 35 years. Fortaleza, which means fortitude, stone-mills their cooked agaves, ferments the musts in oak vats, and distills in small copper alambics. The reposado that was paired last night is aged for about 6-9 months in oak barrels.

Corralejo añejo is aged for 12 months in barrels of new American oak. The barrels are charred at the inside in order to achieve its smokey flavor. This tequila comes from Jalisco’s neighbor state, Guanajuato. Corralejo is produced in the Ex-Hacienda Corralejo in the town of Pénjamo. It was there where Mexico’s founding father, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla was born. The state of Guanajuato is where the fight for Mexican independence from Spain began in the year 1810.

Last night was full of education of all three brands. Over 40 people participated in our end of the year pairing. What a way to end the New Year. Stop by Thursday, January 7th to learn more about tequila Fortaleza. Marco Ramos, Brand Ambassador and Catador (taster) from the prestigious, Academia Mexicana del Tequila will be with us from 4:00p.m-6:00p.m. to educate and sample you on the entire line of Fortaleza tequilas. Be sure to spread the word to your friends. Start the new year by trying quality tequila and awesome Mexican food.

Feliz Año Nuevo,

Mario Marquez

Tequila Ambassador, Café Coyote y Tequileria

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