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Happy National Tequila Day!!!

July 24th is National Tequila Day.

We Have decided to celebrate by offering 24 Top Shelf
Tequilas at half price from 6:oo-Close.

Most people associate tequila with margaritas. However, many people are learning that there is a Tequila beyond the margarita… that a glass of tequila can be sipped and enjoyed like a fine scotch or brandy. Tequila, named for the small town in Mexico from where it originated, is made from the blue agave plant. One of the things that makes tequila a unique spirit is the flavor of the agave, which like wine grapes, will change under different soil or growing conditions. The fermented juice from the agave plant is put into pot stills, where it is double distilled to 80 proof or higher. Under strict standards set by the Mexican government, to be tequila, the final product must be produced from no less than 51% high-quality blue agave. All of the Tequila’s on special today are %100 Blue Webber Agave.


Happy National Tequila Day

Half Price Tequila’s discounted price listed

Casa Noble Silver $5.25
Clase Azul Plata $7.25
Cuervo La Familia Platino $5.25
Don Fulano Silver $5.00
Fortaleza Blanco $5.00
Milagro Silver Reserve $6.25
Patron Gran Platinum $15.25
Casa Noble Reposado $6.25
Clase Azul Reposado $8.75
Don Fulano Reposado $6.25
Fortaleza Reposado $6.25
Frida Kahlo Reposado $5.00
Milagro Reposado Reserve $6.75
Casa Noble Anejo $7.75
Don Fulano 3 Year Anejo $ 9.75
Don Julio 1942 Anejo $10.25
Fortaleza Anejo $7.75
Frida Kahlo Anejo $ 6.00
Herradura Suprema Anejo $22.75
Milagro Anejo Reserve $7.75
Partida Elegante $22.75
Patron Gran Burdeos $25.25
Cuervo La Familia Reserva $8.25
Don Fulano 5 Year Imperial Anejo $11.25