Traditional Mexican Food In the Heart of Old Town San Diego

Mother's Day

Dia de Las Madres 5/10 Thru Mother’s Day 5/13

Make your reservation now for Mother’s Day at Cafe Coyote. Every Mom will receive a handmade Colorful Mexican Flower with a reservation. Strolling Mariachis are sure to make it festive for Mom and the rest of the family.


Tres Leches Cupcake $3.50
Margarita Cheesecake $5.95
Sweet Pineapple Tamales (2) $5.95


Menudo $7.25
Hominy and Tripe in a red Chile Broth. Served with Oregano,
Onions, Cabbage & Limes.

Cocktail de Camaron $9.95
Mexican style shrimp cocktail

Fish Taquitos $6.95
White fish, cilantro and cheese rolled into corn tortillas and deep fried. Topped with
tomato, lettuce, guacamole and served with a jalapeño cream sauce.

Molotes $6.95
Two Masa Balls stuffed with a Chorizo and Potato filling. Topped with a Mexican red
sauce and Cotija cheese. Served with a side of sour cream.

Huaraches $6.95
Shaped like sandals! Two thick corn tortillas topped with beans, chorizo, potatoes
and cabbage. Topped with Cotija cheese, sour cream & green salsa.


Pollo Boracho $12.95
Chicken breast sautéed with Chiles, carrots, potatoes, onions and garlic. Cooked
until tender with amber beer.

Mole de Pollo $11.95
Traditional Mexican Mole served with a juicy chicken breast. Served with Mexican
rice and refried beans.

Barbacoa $11.95
Marinated and spiced beef cooked and shredded. Served with Mexican Rice, beans
and hot fresh flour tortillas.

Cochinita Pibil $11.95
Chunks of pork seasoned and cooked in banana leaves. Garnished with red onions
and limes. Served with Mexican rice and black beans.

Camarones Mojo de Ajo $14.95
Shrimp sautéed in a garlic butter sauce.. Served on a bed of rice with black beans.