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Cafe Coyote Monthly Specials

Monthly Specials – December 2017

Food Specials


Rancho Coyote Chile De Arbol Salsa

A mixture of dried & fresh Chile de Arbol, Cayenne and Bhut Jokolia Red Ghost Chiles Blended with Roasted Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic and Fresh Cilantro.
Scoville Rating: 500,000
Great with Chips! Add for $1.00


Puerto Nuevo Style Lobster

Maine Lobster served Puerto Nuevo Style! Dinner served with Mexican Style Rice, Refried Beans, Handmade Tortillas & Butter. $34.95


Créme Brulee

Rich Creamy Custard with a layer of Caramel. $6.95

Drink Specials


Manzana Margarita

A Festive way to celebrate the Holidays! A Cinnamon sugar rim with Frida Kahlo Tequila, Apple Juice, & Maple syrup. $11.95


Gingerbread Margarita

A Cinnamon sugar rim with Frida Kahlo Tequila, Ginger Liquor, Gingerbread, Orange Juice, Lime Juice & soda water. $11.95


Tequila of the Month: Frida Kahlo

Blanco: Distilled in Antique Copper Stills. The result is a Smooth Premium Tequila that Mixes Perfectly with your Favorite Drink.

Reposado: Distilled in American Oak Casks for 6-12 Months. Resulting in a Super Premium Tequila to Enjoy by itself
or Mixed in a Cocktail.

Anejo: Aged for at Least 3 Years ending with a Smooth Ultra Premium Tequila that, like a fine cognac, is Meant to Be Sipped and Savored.


Benchmark Brewing Co.

Brown Ale $7.00

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