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January 14th Tequila Blog

Jan 14, 2010

Queridos Coyotes y tequila aficionados,

January is full of great tequilas to pair with our traditional appetizers, Mexican plates and sweet desserts. Beginning, January 17 thru January 22, Café Coyote will be participating in the 6th annual San Diego Restaurant week. There will be 185 restaurants all over San Diego from South Bay to North Country. Each location will be offering delectable three-course prix fixe menus. Our three -course meals will start at  $20.00 with an option to choose a tequila paring for an additional $10.00. The tequilas that will be paired are: Fortaleza blanco (Tequila Jalisco), Cazadores reposado (Arandas, Jalisco) and Herradura añejo (Amatitán, Jalisco).

For those of you who missed it, Tequila Thursday was more than great singing by our strolling mariachis. Liquid ballads were poured into the glasses of our guest.  Tequila Corrido, named after Mexican Folk music about tequila smugglers, which gained popularity during the U.S. Prohibition was lawfully smuggled into the United States and tasted at Café Coyote.

We got to sample the blanco, also named Cristalino and Corrido’s thee year extra- añejo. Tequila Corrido is a brand that is produced from select blue agaves grown in the fertile red soil of Los Altos Jalisco. The highlands are generally known for producing agaves rich in sugar levels that tend to give tequila from this “terroir” a sweet and crisp flavor.

From the face gestures and responses of our guest, I could infer that they enjoyed both styles. The “ tequila purest “ stuck to the blanco. They described herbal, peppery, earthy and cooked agave notes. For the extra- añejo, some described it as smooth, chocolaty, caramel, woody, vanilla and Cognac like aromas and flavors. The consumers that were new to tasting tequila favored the 3-year añejo.

If you are new to the art of tequila tasting, I recommend first trying aged 100 percent agave tequilas. You might find then easier to sip. When you feel more comfortable and want to explore the other types, work your way down to a blanco, which generally tends to be more robust and earthy.

Don’t be afraid, come Thursday of Friday evening and I will help you decide which tequila is best for you. Next Thursday, we will taste Herradura (horse shoe) from the fertile valley of Amatitán, Jalisco. Discover why this tequila is known to give you good luck.


Mario Marquez, Tequila Ambassador

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