Traditional Mexican Food In the Heart of Old Town San Diego


Great review on Yelp. Thanks Giovanna!

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San Diego, CA
5 star rating
I LOVE this place!

During our last visit (11/12/2011) we ordered the quesadilla appetizer. It was very good! They have this really yummy salsa verde on it which makes it different than other quesadillas you may have had. Ours was free because of a check-in offer here on Yelp. But I’ll gladly pay for one in the future!!
Everyone orders what my favorite dish is: Pollo a la Crema. I get it with black beans instead of refried. Both are good, but I always personally prefer black beans over pinto. Everyone raves! It’s so so so good.
The chicken in this dish is a butterflied breast, covered in this rich and very mildly spicy Jalapeño Crema (a cream sauce). Served on a bed of delicious Spanish Rice.
Order extra crema if you like it. They’ve always been happy to give more in a little edible bowl.
I’ve ordered one other thing on their menu in the 10 or so times I’ve been here, but I cannot remember what it was. It was good though!
Patron Margarita on the rocks – Grande size… Yeah… Yummy! Definitely worth the price. One of the best margaritas I’ve ever had outside of my house. I order mine without the Gran Marnier, because of personal preference. But if you like that addition, you’ll love it in the margarita!!
Their flan is tasty and rich in sweetness, but the consistency is not right. It’s lumpy. I’m used to a much more smooth texture. So if you have a consistency issue, you might opt to skip that.
Our service is always superb. I have never had the need to complain here. They go the extra mile to make their guests happy.
I always look forward to our next visit.
Whether you’re a tourist or a native, I’m sure you’ll love this place!

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