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El Jimador- April’s featured Tequila


El Jimador  (The Harvester)

There is something about April that I absolutely love: spring break, people’s positive attitude, and the right climate conditions to sit down and relax with a nice cold margarita or a unique-complex beer. We are almost in the middle of the month and I am anxious to receive the thousands of people that visit our lovely restaurant for our annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. Even though there is always a fiesta at Café Coyote, Cinco de Mayo is a day that brings out the Mexican out of everyone that joins us.

The party begins early this year.  On Saturday, April 30th and Sunday April 31, we kick off the celebration with our annual Old Town Fiesta.  Festivities and entertainment for the entire family will be provided at no cost for everyone to enjoy. On the actual 5TH of May, we get to leave the young ones at home for a grown up fiesta.

If you wont be around late April and early May. Celebrate even earlier by coming down to Café Coyote any day of the week for and experience you will never forget. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will show you the time of your life. Really, try a Margarita with our tequila of the month, “ El Jimador”. Casa Herradura  (the tequila with the horseshoe label) from Amatián, Jalisco  created this brand to commemorate the agave harvester. “El Jimador” is an expert on cultivation and harvesting of the agave plant. On a daily basis one jimador can harvest about 80 agave plants. Each plant is harvested in less that tree minutes.

When drinking El Jimador tequila think about the hard work that went into the final product of 100 percent agave; pure tequila. Come talk to me every Thursday from 5-9 p.m. to learn about tequila and enjoy our tequila based cocktail of the week.

¡ Salud !

Mario Marquez

Tequila Ambassador

Café Coyote, Old Town, San Diego

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