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December 17th Tequila Blog

December, 17th 2009

Queridos clients y tequila aficionados,

Thank you so much for booking your holiday parties at this merry place. One more week until Christmas and the holiday shopping frenzy is on its final stretch. Why stress out in the busy malls when you can relax at Café Coyote with a candy cane margarita? Silver tequila, cream de menthe, peppermint syrup, sweet and sour, fresh lime juice and a candy cane are all you need for a holiday treat. No need for a candy cane in your stalking!

Fill those stockings with a Café Coyote gift card. It’s as easy as that. Everyone loves awesome Mexican food.

Today is the second to last “Tequila Thursday” of the month, due to the fact that next Thursday is Christmas Eve. We will finish off the year on December 31st with a special tequila paring dinner. Not only are we celebrating the holidays this month, we are also celebrating the region of Jalisco. Jalisco is located in western México. This state is famous for mariachi music and of course Mexico’s famous spirit, Tequila.

The name Tequila is not only related to the spirit. Tequila is also the name of a place north west of Jalisco’s capital, Guadalajara. According to renowned historian, José María Murriá, the word tequila has even deeper significances: “a place where people work, a place where people cut, and a place with wild herbs.”  Tequila is also the name of the volcano that over looks this great town. Note, these are just some meanings, but it is hard to decode the mystery of this word that dates back to pre-Hispanic times.

This is what I love about tequila, the legends, the history, the rich culture and tradition that are intertwined in this blue agave alchemy. Come explore the past and discover its future!

Today many newcomers to tequila were able help unravel the past. They got to try two great tequilas from the highland town of Jesus María, Jalisco, Clase Azul. This tequila comes in three styles, plata (silver), reposado, and their “Ultra,” five year, Extra Añejo. This tequila is produced using the ripest certified, “organic” agaves that have matured for approximately 9 years. These agaves are steam cooked to perfection in traditional stone ovens for 72 hours and fermented with a proprietary yeast stain. “The water and filtration that this tequila gets makes it one of the most refined and ensures the highest quality spirit without comprising integrity.”

People were raving about the 8 month reposado (rested) tequila. The careful aging of silver tequila in used sherry oak barrels gives it a nice sweet finish. For those of you who like the best and are not afraid to spend close to two thousand dollars on one bottle; I dare you, buy yourself something nice, Clase Azul Ultra!!!!


Mario Marquez

Tequila Ambassador, Café Coyote y Cantina

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