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December 10th at Cafe Coyote

December 10th, 2009

Jolly December, Coyote guest and tequila lovers,

15 days until Saint Nick comes down my Chimney and hopefully delivers the bottle of DeLeón diamante silver Tequila that I so badly want. DeLeón is currently being produced in the town, not village of Purisima del Rincón, Guanjajuto, México. Right on! This town is adjacent to the city where I was born, San Francisco del Rincón, Guanajuato. I must admit I have not tried it yet, but the bottle caught my eye. Saint Nick, I promise I will give you the angel’s share.

I am sitting on our ample “side patio” and can feel the excitement of the wedding that is going on at our upstairs Puerto Vallartra room, turned reception hall. The guests are getting down to the beats of Raw Base’s and DJ E-Z rock, “It takes two”. I definitely want to go upstairs and “bust out” with the Roger Rabbit dance. Café Coyote is defiantly the place for all your holiday parties (Posadas). For a December night this place is happening!

Earlier today, the party started with our weekly Tequila Thursday. The lineup began with tequila Don Fulano’s Blanco Suave, 8 month reposado, 3 year extra añejo, and finished with the extremely complex five year extra añejo, IMPERIAL.  For those people that where privileged to try this award winning tequila, savor its smooth and lasting flavor. “Don Fulano emerges from this passion for the life of the educated senses. Tequilas made of 100% Premium, Estate –Grown blue agave and 100% free of additives. Enjoy Responsibly.” In other words there are no chemicals or artificial flavors added. This is tequila that when consumed in moderation will not give you the famous “cruda” (Hangover).

If for some reason you did not choose the right tequila and consumed too much of the 51 percent agave, 49 percent other sugars “mixto” tequila, come down early morning for the hangover cure, Chilaquiles. Corn tortillas simmered in green tomatillo sauce topped with cheese, two fried eggs, and served with refried beans and homemade flour tortillas; scrumptious!

The night has come to an end but the experience will continue tomorrow beginning at 7:00a.m. We hope to see you early morning. Bring your raincoats and umbrellas because it might just rain.


Mario Alejando Marquez

Tequila Ambassador

Café Coyote, Old Town San Diego

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