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Tequila of the Month, Corralejo

While the majority of tequila is produced in the state of Jalisco, tequila Corralejo is a brand that comes from Jalisco’s neighbor state, Guanajuato. Hacienda Corralejo is full of history. Mexico’s founding father, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla was born on the Hacienda in 1753. Miguel Hidalgo led a group of indigenous and meztizo peasants in the fight for freedom from Spanish rule.

In 1989, Leonardo Rodriguez, a glass bottle maker from Spain bought the Hacienda and refurbished the distillery. The distillery was designed to attract tourist from all over the world.  There is nothing to hide at Hacienda Corralejo. Its open doors let you witness what tequila making is all about?

We will be featuring tequila Corralejo for the entire month of March. Begin by tasting the blanco. Leonardo Rodriguez calls his blanco, La Verdad (The Truth). He calls it la verdad because he feels that unaged tequila is the closest representation of what authentic tequila should taste like.

If you are interested in tasting aged tequila, I recommend you try the reposadao or añejo.

The reposado is rested for four months in three different kinds of oak: French, American and Encino. Aging in the barrels creates a complex tequila profile that creates a diverse array of flavors and aromas.

Corralejo añejo has been aged in small American Oak barrels for over 12 months. This tequila has a rich flavor and is oakier than the reposado. It has aromas of smoke, vanilla, cocao, and cooked agave. Drink it after a heavy meal to help you with digestion and make your dinning experience complete.

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