Traditional Mexican Food In the Heart of Old Town San Diego


Cinco de Mayo warm up!


Cinco De Mayo Warm up


Ready or not, Cinco de Mayo is two weeks away!

The streets of Old Town are already busy with the preparation of this annul fiesta.  The festivities begin Saturday April 30th and May 1st with a celebration your entire family can enjoy. The main stage located outside of Café Coyote will be sponsored by Corona beer and will feature live bands and entertainment to dance the night away.


Thursday, May 5th will be a party for all the adults 21 years and older. Café Coyote is definitely the best place to be at this special day. We have over 600 seats to accommodate our guest and we count with 3 full service bars and satellite bars that will make your experience enjoyable and relaxing.


Join me tonight for our featured cocktail of the week, the tequila Cilantro Mojito.

This drink is similar to the rum mojito but is substituted with El Jimador, 100 % agave tequila and cilantro instead of mint leaves. This drink is very refreshing and will have you wanting another.


I will also be educating our patrons on tequila, mezcal, Don Cuco Sotol and Bacanora.

All the above are Mexican regional spirits from agave or close related plants native to Mexico. Don’t hesitate! Happy hour is until 6:00p.m. and I will gladly make you one of my signature drinks with your favorite tequila.




Mario Alejandro Marquez

Tequila Ambassador

Café Coyote,  Old Town, San Diego

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