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Cafe Coyote Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: Old Town, San Diego CA

February 14, 2014

Make your Valentine’s Day memorable!

The god of love is just around the corner! Our Cafe Coyote Valentine’s Day specials entice Amor to draw and release his cupid-arrows! Make him closer when you treat your loved one to a special lobster dinner served with delicious Mexican style rice, handmade tortillas, refried beans, your choice of soup, salad or an appetizer, and a dessert—for only $36.95 or a two-course meal for only $25. Cafe Coyote prides its  delightful choices of Valentine’s Day dishes made to give an unforgettable moment with your special someone. Try to add a romantic cocktail to your meal, either an “El Burro” Spicy Style Mexican Mule or a glass of Passionate Margarita. Finally, feel Amor end your celebration with a lasting taste of our decadent postre–churro or flan, azteca pot de creme, or fried ice cream! For more information, call 619-291-4695 visit .

We’re the Best Around!

That’s right, we’re certified, awarded Best Mexican food in San Diego! A few days ago the California Restaurant Association named the Cafe Coyote the best Mexican food in town. Sure, we’ve gotten the award before (four times!), but we figured it was time to come out of retirement and really wow everyone again.

The ceremony was a blast, with over 1,200 people in the restaurant industry and awards for just about every category. But the real pleasure was that the CRA raised over $160,000 to help promote the best equipment and education for people in the food service industry.

We went up against some pretty stiff competition, but in the end, our blend of atmosphere, great food, and delightful margaritas pushed us to the top. But we couldn’t have done it without all of our amazing customers and amazing staff, and we want to offer something up as a way of thanks. In addition to our regular specials, we’re giving away an order of chips and dips for each table. That’s one of the things that made us famous!

Plus, we’ve got a bunch of other great specials going on to celebrate. Make a reservation for Father’s Day and we’ll give you a commemorative glass for the occasion! You can also join us for Taco Tuesday, Tequila and Lobster Thursday, or on any day of the week to taste our delicious monthly specials. It’s a great way to enjoy the taco of the week, new tequila drinks, and our famous lobster dish.

Join us this month to celebrate and enjoy some of the best food and drinks we have to offer! We’re always happy to see you, whether you’ve a regular, or you’ve never been around before. No matter what kind of Mexican fare you’re looking for, be it tacos, any manner of tequila drink, or just a nice dining atmosphere with a dash of entertainment, come by and pay us a visit. You’ll see why they say we serve the best Mexican in San Diego!

Celebrating Mothers Day/Dia de las Madres

Mariachis, Margaritas, Molotes and More! Make Mama’s Day at Cafe Coyote

Did you know that Mothers Day in Mexico is celebrated a day earlier than in the U.S.? There is a good reason to celebrate! Being right on the border of Mexico means we get to celebrate Mothers Day twice isn’t that nice?

This year, Mexican Mothers Day, “Dia de las Madres,” is on May 10 and the U.S. Mothers Day is celebrated Sunday, May 13. According to Mexican tradition, the children of the honored mothers come to the family home on the evening before Dia de las Madres to thank their mothers for all their hard work in raising them. On the day itself, colorful flowers and gifts are given. Mothers are feted with a rainbow of flowers, food and festivities and of course lots of love!

In the U.S., we tend to take Mama to her favorite place to eat and shower her with flowers, chocolates and corsages. One definite thing both the U.S. and Mexican celebrations of mothers have in common is food and fun. That is why Cafe Coyote in historic Old Town is the perfect place to treat your Mama to the best in food, fun and festivities. Whether you’re saying, “Muchas gracias, Mama” or “Thank you, Mom,” Cafe Coyote is the perfect choice!

Cafe Coyote is now accepting reservations for Dia de Las Madres and Mother’s Day (May 10-13). Some of the scrumptious specials will include: Menudo, Molotes, Huaraches (shaped like sandals!), Pollo Boracho, Mole de Pollo, Cochinita Pibil and Camarones Mojo de Ajo.

Sweet Mama will love her Tres Leches Cupcake, Margarita Cheesecake or Sweet Pineapple Tamale dessert, as well.
Strolling mariachis and a complimentary Mexican paper flower for each mom complete the celebrations at one of San Diego’s premier Mexican restaurants.

Cafe Coyote Restaurant is at 2461 San Diego Avenue in Old Town. Phone number is 619-291-4695. For more information, visit

Best Mexican Food In San Diego: Easter Sunday Brunch Specials

Easter is celebrated in almost every region throughout the world, but one of the mos tinteresting ways can be found in Southern California. Southern California is unique because it is at the center of the fusion of American and Mexican traditions. The result is often a week that mixes Easter baskets, candy bunnies, plastic Easter eggs, Holy Day Parades, passion plays and, of course, church.

But for how different each distinct culture can be, both share a very important event, Easter Sunday Brunch. Easter brunch is the feast to memorialize of the end of Lent, a mini Family reunion and celebration of spring all wrapped into one afternoon.

In the tradition of mixing traditions, Café Coyote has put together a feast that celebrates both cultures. With its picturesque setting, friends and family feast on a Easter brunch that includes Blood Mary’s and Breakfast Margaritas, there are California Omelettes and Shrimp Chile RellanoOmelettes,, breakfast favorites and Easter Bunny sweets. Take your family to brunch anytime between 7:00 a.m and 4:00 p.m., and then walk it off with a stroll through historic Old Town, and taste the best Mexican food in San Diego.

St. Patrick’s Specials

While there’s nothing wrong with a plate full of corned beef and cabbage with a Guinness to wash it down, after four centuries of feasting in the honor of Saint Patrick, it might be time for a little innovation. So in honor of the most celebrated of all saintly feast days, we at the Coyote Café have put together some special recipes to get you pumped for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

The Shamrock Margarita is a vivid, tasty new take on an old favorite. With a splash of mango and some bright blue curacao liqueur, you get a party-ready cocktail that’s easy to drink and easy on the eyes. We have also just announced our house special Leprechaun Margarita which features a hint of melon and a visage so green it could banish the snakes from Ireland all over again.

If you can’t make it out in time  for the big day, there’s no need to worry, because both the Shamrock Margarita and the Leprechaun Margarita will be available for the entire month of March at $7.95 a piece.

In preparation for the feast, Coyote Café is also your go-to place for the traditional Taco Tuesday on March 13th. We’ll be serving our house special corned beef tacos, which come served in a festive green flour tortilla for $2 a piece all day.

On the big day itself you don’t want to miss our Corned beef taco plate!It comes heaped with potatoes and cabbage and topped with a sour cream mustard sauce as well as Mexican rice and refried beans, all for $9.50.