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Cafe Coyote’s Tequila Dinner

The Tequila Dinner Experience

Tequila is the fastest growing spirit in the United States and has rapidly grown in popularity that over 1000 brands compete to win our palates. Café Coyote has created a tequila dinner experience to clarify the myths and misconceptions tied to this mystical spirit.

Mario Marquez, Certified Master Tequilier will take you through each step of the how tequila is produced, explain its origin, evolution, trends and teach you tequila tasting techniques so that you leave Café Coyote feeling like a true tequila connoisseur. Four course tequila dinners are available to best pair our delicious Mexican food with tequilas that go great with each specific entrée.

Luis Estrada, our Executive Chef along with Mario Marquez collaborate to create a diverse menu of traditional Mexican food from different regions of Mexico so that each food item is enhanced with four gourmet tequilas.

Tequila dinners are a fun and interactive way to spend time with family, co-workers, or friends in a relaxed learning atmosphere while dining with the best Mexican food in town. Make your reservation today to gain a better understanding of Mexico’s national drink!

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