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Cafe Coyote Remembers Brad Hoover, the founder of tequila Corrido

Thank you everyone who attended last weeks memorial gathering for Brad Hoover of Tequila Corrido. The tequila community in San Diego is a very close community that supports one another when times are tough. For a brand out of Scottsdale Arizona that is produced in Atotonilco el Alto, Jalisco Corrido was quickly recognized throughout San Diego for its unique production style and quality. Imagine, a single-estate, single-barrel tequila that gets aged to taste not to time in their aged tequilas.

Brad Hoovers

Who could forget the late Brad Hoover, an individual who had a true passion for tequila? I first met Brad Hoover about a year ago at the Spirits of Mexico grand tasting at Liberty Station. What I mind I thought? We began working together about six months ago and feel that in this short amount of time I was able to learn an abundance of information about the tequila aging process. Brad was a mentor and true friend.

In his remembrance we featured tequila Corrido during last weeks tequila Thursday. Specialty Corrido cocktails were served all nightlong we gave a toast drinking our favorite Corrido style. Mine was the añejo that I always found so complex. This single-barrel, triple-barrel tequila that gets “racked” in three different types of barrels reminds me most of Brad’s creativity to make and awesome tequila. You will be missed!! Rest in peace my brother.