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Agave and Man

Agave and Man

Even before colonial time, Agave has been considered a sacred plant. The Náhuatl people of Mexico used this plant as a source of survival. Agave was consumed as part of the indigenous peoples dietary needs. This plant was worshiped in such a way that they even had a goddess that represented this noble plant, Mayahuel, the goddess of Maguey and fertility.

Pre- Hispanic records show that this plant had multiple uses. Its leaves were used as tiles for shelter. The leaves were dried and pressed to make paper. The ends of the leaves were used as needles and nails. Its quiote (stalk) was used as beams that gave homes stable support. Agave fiber was used as thread to make clothing. Agave helped to keep the soil together due to its rhizomes that grew deep into the earth; this prevented erosion especially during the rainy season.

Pulque, Tequila and Mezcal all come from a variety of this plant. Today people continue to use this plant in many different ways. Its sweet nectar can be consumed as a healthy alternative sugar.  For you plant lovers out there, agave is an eco-friendly plant that doesn’t require much water and care.

For centuries agave has given us life. It has lived through the toughest eras and has showed the world its beauty and potential. Man and agave will continue to live together. Discover the symbiosis between you and agave today.

Mario Marquez,

Tequila Ambassador

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