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Cafe Coyote Monthly Specials

Monthly Specials August 2015

Chorizo Empanadas
Two Empanadas filled with Chorizo & Potatoes. Served with Fresh Cabbage, Tomatoes, Onions & Green Salsa Cruda.

Mexican BBQ Ribs
Pork Ribs with a touch of Mexican Style Barbecue sauce served with Mexican Style Rice & Refried Beans.

Límon Fresco
A Fresh Lemon filled with our refreshing Lemon Sorbet.

Join us every Thursday for Lobster & Tequila Thursdays!
Maine Lobster served Puerto Nuevo Style $27.95

Summer Blossom Margarita
Gold Tequila, triple sec, Tropical fruit blend, agave nector, and sweet & sour. Served on the Rocks.

Guava Margarita

Guava Margarita
Everything you love about Guava in a Margarita! Gold Tequila, triple sec, Guava puree, and sweet & sour. Served Blended.

Cazadores Tequila

Cazadores Tequila
ANEJO: $11

Beer of the month:

“Hell or High” Watermelon Wheat Beer

21st Amendment Brewing Co.
“Hell or High” Watermelon Wheat Beer


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